• Navya A M,


Android, Mobile phones


Mobile phones are used everywhere, and android is that the primary OS (operating System) dominating the mobile OS market field with a market share of over 80% and most of the applications are liberal to download. We are targeting the horticulture sector during which smartphones may be accustomed to provide the farmer with the small print. The majority of the people relies on agriculture to survive. Many farmers are unaware of the skin world as well as farming's technological advancements. The majority of farmers have no knowledge what the prices of their crops and products are, therefore they sell them at any price. In today's worldwide world, agriculturists acquire their news from papers, periodicals, and television. So we've decided to build a platform for farms who use phones, where they can get critical real-time information on the prices of vegetables and fruits in each markets in Southeast asia so that they can sell their products at the appropriate prices.




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