Multipurpose Card Using RFID Technology


  • Nagarathna C


RFID, Multipurpose


In this modern world, we carry different cards such as debitcards, credit cards for shopping or any money transactions, identity cards for identity or verification purposes, metrocards for traveling, special cards for tolls and parking and many more cards as such. The smart card implementation scan be seen around the globe but they are unique i.e. each developer uses different programming standards and data structures and each purpose has different cards. The smart card will provide service to the verified user only within a preferred area or an organization. To make available such multiple application access using a single card to every person we have planned to use RFID technology, which is cost-effective. As RFID technology is used in the proposed concept, the programming standards, and structures will be unified. Unlike the smart card, the multipurpose card using RFID technology can be used by every person to access different applications. Thus, a person needs not to carry several cards; he can just carry a single card for many purposes.




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