Voice Assistant for Home Automation


  • Sadiya Firdose


Artificial Intelligence, Face Mask Detection, Covid-19, Home Automation, Voice Command


Smart Homes have been a go-to sector in modern eras, with the ever wants for comfort driving the human race to seek out even more technical breakthroughs as a solution to their difficulties. Home automation and voice-controlled apps have become more accessible thanks to advancements in virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa are more common, and the development in information technology (IT) and artificial intelligence (AI) has led to advancements in several types of home automation, allowing appliances to be managed quickly and conveniently. The benefits of voice-based technologies will be recognized rising among other technologies in terms of feasability, according to a survey of numerous home automation systems. The proposed idea is programmed to transfer voice commands to the smart microcontroller using Graphical User Interface via a user wireless microphone (connected to the user cloth). With simply a voice control, we can manage our home appliances. We can turn on and off electronic equipment, and it also recognises an individual's face mask.




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