Smart Shopping using Android Application


  • Vidyashree S,


Android studio software, Android application, Java, RFID


In present Life, traditional shopping takes more time. The customer waiting in a long queue to pay bills is more time consuming and waste of energy for both the shopper and as well as the cashier. A smart shopping system using android application is being developed to overcome this problem. Mobile application development is expanding all over the world. Consumers are shifting to technology in order to make their lives easier and more innovative by seeking solutions to their difficulties. Customers find it hard to locate items in the supermarkets and to wait in a long billing line when they go shopping. As a result, an Android app that is utilised in smart shopping carts to tackle the problem has been developed. This purchasing app is divided into two sections, the first of which concentrates on navigating to the individual item position and the second of which concentrates on automatic payment of the things that the user purchased using RFID. As a development environment, the Android application software, which is open source, is being used.




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