Future enhanced technology with the advent uses of Internet of Things: a review


  • Prof. Pradeep Kumar K,


Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber smart city, brilliant homes, contamination control, energy saving, Cyber smart transportation & industries.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is a game-changing innovation that is luring people away from their traditional way of life. IoT has brought about global developments such as cyber smart cities, intelligent housing, pollution control, energy conservation, cyber presents a strong, and industries. To improve innovation via IoT, numerous research activities and experiments have been conducted. Despite this, there are a slew of challenges and difficulties that must be addressed in order for IoT to reach its full potential. These factors and difficulties must be considered in order to perceive the IoT in a futuristic light in terms of file, difficulties, enabling innovations, social and natural consequences, and many more.
A primary goal of this research essay is to look at things so from a sociological and a technical standpoint. The article discusses the various challenges and performance management of dispute in the fields of IoT, engineering, and crucial application areas. This article explains the Internet of Things (IoT) and its importance in today's world to consumers and scientists.




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