Evolution of IOT Data Management System


  • Rajnandan rajbanshi,


MongoDB, Heterogeneous data, IoT


The Internet of Things (IOT) presents Database Management Systems (DBMS) with a new problem. In everyday life, a huge number of sensors are used for the cloud computing. These devices generate a large amount of data streams, which must be managed by a suitable database management system. The DBMS poses a severe problem in determining how to process and store a large variety of data data in the context of a IOT. Relational DBMSs and Non-relational DBMSs are the two basic types of database management systems. This study seeks to provide a comprehensive comparison of two major open-source database management systems.: Mysql is a database management management system, while Mongodb is a non-relational database management system. In Cloud technology, the activity of the enzyme database systems is evaluated by comparing the insertion and retrieval of enormous amounts of data.




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