Survey on cryptographic algorithms in cloud computing


  • Kota Anjani Vaibhavi,


Cryptography, encryption, authorization, plain text, cipher text, misconfiguration, phishing, DDOS, malware, provenance, remanence, compliance, symmetric and asymmetric algorithms


In the modern world, many companies and organizations manage a lot of data and they require a platform to store this data. So to fulfill this purpose cloud computing is introduced. Cloud is a platform where we can store the data, files, media etc. in a way that we can access it at any time and perform modifications to it.
So when a user or any company stores its data in a trusted cloud , the main duty of the cloud service provider is to ensure the safety of the data. That is the data should be stored efficiently without any errors or discrepancies. It shouldn’t be accessed by unauthorized users or any malicious attackers because that data in the wrong hands can cause a lot of damage.
To overcome the drawbacks in the cloud computing and make it more secure and efficient, we have come up with cloud cryptography. This is done to ensure that the data is properly stored and is safe inside the cloud. This paper gives the idea of what is cloud cryptography, why is it needed and its pros and cons.. It describes some of the different techniques of cryptography and compares them.




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