Eco Friendly Green Cloud Computing


  • Prerana Chaithra


Cloud Computing, Carbon dioxide emission Green cloud computing, Clustering, Data Virtualization, Proportional Computing, Energy efficiency


Cloud computing has played major role for storing and handling huge data by the virtualization of data centres and servers to make them very efficient. Cloud computing gives power to compute and provides service to the users around the whole world. Thus providing customers with higher performance which is of lower cost compared to dedicated high-performance computing machines. IT sectors consume large amount of power and energy, resulting as a main source of Carbon dioxide emission. To overcome this, we need Green Cloud Computing for IT resources to be energy efficient and operating at cheaper cost. In order to reach optimal standards for green_cloud computing. The efficiency of the power of Cloud must be very meticulously analysed. Cloud computing is a better alternative being greener than individual datacentres by usingless number of servers.Data centres using cloud are far better than the traditional ones. Thereby the impact of carbon is reduced.




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