Thesis Publication

JRP provides thesis publishing services to give writers a global forum to showcase their valuable work. If it is a master's thesis or a doctoral dissertation, this is grey literature that is not widely available. But, with the aid of JRP, the study and results will have worldwide recognition and will significantly contribute to their respective fields of innovation. If you're about to finish your Ph.D. thesis and want to give it a form of an online full-text article, then opt for our thesis publishing services and get your work embraced by the global researcher’s network. Moreover, the author has sole control of the finished work and is entitled to sell or distribute copies of the thesis.

JRP is open access, the data is available to everyone in the world to download/read for free directly from the website.


1.Indian Author - 8000 INR ( PayUmoney)

2.Foriegn Author - 100 USD (PayPal)